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Ultrasonic LED Air Humidifier and Diffuser with Color-Changing Light

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Are you trying to go on vacation but can’t? Do you want to escape your work-space but just don’t have the means to? Well… you can escape and get away with this humidifier without actually leaving your physical location. The olfactory (smell) system can activate feelings and memories (both positive and negative) and it can affect your frame of mind and even your behavior, your choices, and your actions. This handy dandy mini portable air humidifier and diffuser can enhance any personal space by adding a healthy flow of scented air. Smell is often considered the most significant trigger of mood and memory when compared to the other senses. The aroma of baking bread, the fragrance of a rose, the smell of a new car - each of these has a very different impact on how you feel and what action you take. Diffusing (misting) air into the environment is an effective way to generate the desired mood and feelings and to ensure a personal space as relaxing as you want! This product will do a powerful job in a small space without overwhelming an entire room. It also lights up which is a plus in any product!

•Holds up to 1.3L of water
•Produces up to 350mL of moisture per hour
•Runs for up to 5 hours continuously
•Plug-in power adapter included
•Product dimensions: 5”x5”x5”


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