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Two Elephants™ Pain-Relief Portable Acupressure Mat

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Ever wonder why a foot massage feels so relaxing? It's almost as if you had a full body massage, right? Maybe so! Acupressure techniques have been used for thousands of years. The idea that our internal organs and various muscles can be accessed through our feet is a traditional Chinese belief and practice. But going to see a specialist can be time consuming and costly. This Two Elephants Pain-Relief Portable Acupressure Mat may help with nerve pain and aching muscles right in your own home. Jump on this deal and you could be on your way to pain relief through your feet!

  • Stones are made of hard, durable plastic
  • May stimulate blood circulation
  • Can help strengthen immunity of human body
  • May relax nerve pains and ease tiredness of muscles
  • Mat is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory that every part of the body is connected to the feet Measures approximately 13.5" x 13.75", each plastic piece is 0.25" H
  • Available in Teal with Multicolored stones 
How to use:
  • Beginners should place a thin blanket or wear socks to walk and gradually build up to walking barefoot on mat
  • Before and after use, drink a glass of warm water
  • Lay the product flat on the ground and walk across it


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