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Smart LED Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

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Not just an ordinary bulb, the Colorful Smart LED Bluetooth Speaker Bulb is a Bluetooth speaker and LED light. Allows you to combine a vast array of beautiful colors, music playback from the built-in speaker and all controlled from your Smartphone.The advanced acoustic technology within the LED Speaker Bulb delivers a clear and vibrant sound from a source beyond your imagination. Play music and enjoy the rich sound quality that is released to your room using the built-in speaker hidden within. Offering a truly natural sound and authentic reproduction with a focus on balanced musical performance - you can enjoy all the subtle tones from the original recordings without the need to place a separate speaker on display.

• Features Bluetooth technology for wireless connection between devices
• Creates millions of possible color choices which you can select based on your mood
• Selectable illuminating modes such as Candlelight, Flashing & Pulsating
• Advanced control through the free downloadable app
• Easy to install, fits into most standard light screw sockets



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