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Roto Clipper Nail Trimmer

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Trimming and filing your nails has never been so easy as with the Roto Clipper Nail Trimmer, a rotating electric clipper that trims and files for manicure-style nails in seconds. As seen on TV, the compact and convenient Roto Clipper is like a one-stop nail salon. Say goodbye to messy nail clippers and hello to perfect, precisely trimmed nails every time. Just push the button to start the machine, stick your finger nail in the slot, and a rotating Tungsten Alloy blade trims and files for smooth, even edges. The beveled blade is recessed so it’s safe to touch — one side trims while the other files. Get salon results in the comfort of your own home with the RotoClipper.


  • Rotating Tungsten Alloy blade spins at 700 rpm for a smooth, even finish
  • Light on the trimming side of RotoClipper helps for ensured accuracy
  • Removable head and brush cleans machine easily
  • Cordless; uses two AA batteries not included
  • Great for all ages
  • Ergonomic grip


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