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5 mm Puzzles Wooden Toys Sphere Magnetic Buckyballs

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  • Brand New and High Quality.
  • The Amazing Balls is made of 216+4 strong magnetic NdFeB balls. NdFeB is a permanent-magnet technology.
  • The balls can be composed of countless shapes, some of them you may not know how to call it. Because you will be the one who created it.
  • Through the Amazing Balls, you can simply increase your intuitive of geometry and mathematics.
  • You can use Amazing Balls as an educational tool combine the textbook to learning. Then you can get a better understanding of the geometry theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Because of geometry needs strong imagination of space, so use the amazing balls as a educational tool can improve the geometry section results effectively.
  • Size & color: 5mm diameter, in clear zinc color.
  • In retail box, easy to carry.
  • Ages: 7+ ages, both for kids and adults.


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