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Puzlook Basic for iPhone 5/5S and iPhone SE

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Puzlook gives you better performance in achieving quality high-resolution images. puzlook contains five different types of lenses – all in one case. Simple and modern design gives you a stylish look for your iPhone 5/5SLike a puzzle, just rotate the different lenses into position to capture unique photographic images.

Still using a compact camera? Try puzlook with your iPhone. puzlook gives you five different types of lenses mounted all in one for your iPhone 5/5S/5SE/6/6S.

• Fisheye- It is field of view with approximately 180˚.You can shoot ‘STARWARS’.
• 160˚ Superwide- It is native viewing with approximately 160˚Shoot vast nature and city image.
• 120˚ Wide- It is convenient to shoot image with wide angle of view in tight space. Take a group picture.
• 1.5X Tele- It guarantees the same angle of view like that of 50mm standard lens of SLR. You can see image like you are seeing through your eyes.
• X40 Micro- You can shoot 8X micro shots with unbelivable focal length of 0.68mm.When you use the digital zoom of iphone, you can have 40X image.


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