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Pool game shot glasses

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It's a cross between beer pong and quarters--for pool sharks! Fortunately you don't have to have a full size pool table, nor do you need any cues or chalk. You don't need to know what a bank shot is, don't have to worry about sinking the 8-ball first, and give no thought to angles, pockets, or making the break. You do have to know how to drink and maybe have decent aim. Just bounce a coin off the table and into a billiards-ball-numbered shot glass, then lift the glass to your success. Rack 'em up!

  • Includes 10 pool-ball-numbered shot glasses and a rack-style tray
  • Rack is made of plastic, shots glasses are made of glass
  • Simply bounce a coin off the table and into a pool-ball-numbered shot glass
  • Measures 8.5" x 7.875" x 2"


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