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Mountain Wireless Headset Microphone

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Project your voice while leaving both of your hands free with this Wireless Headset Microphone. Never trip over a cord again during presentations and experience professional quality sound from a light and compact microphone system. With both a headset and tie clip microphone, you will be ready to present or entertain under any circumstance with no worries. 


  • Professional quality
  • Up to 100 ft working range
  • Extended signal range
  • 6.3mm - 3.5mm adapter included
  • One (1) Headset microphone
  • One (1) Tie clip microphone
  • One (1) 6.3mm - 3.5mm adapter
  • One (1) Wireless receiver
  • One (1) Wireless transmitter
  • One (1) 9V battery
  • One (1) AA battery


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