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Mini home Electronic Massage Therapy


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Product Features:
GT-501 type mini-massage, application of modern digital technology, the use of multi-function integrated treatment approach, different waveform, frequency and amplitude combinations, changing the low-frequency pulse applied to the lesion, can simulate a variety of manual massage techniques, and simulation have a similar effect of acupuncture. Role in the local organization, the local organization to absorb energy, causing the body to change electrons and ions, resulting in partial physiological effects. On the other hand, certain parameters by pulsed electrical stimulation, activation of the downstream pain suppression system, causing endorphin, P substance and other vasoactive substances increased, and thus play analgesic, antispasmodic, improve blood circulation and so on.
The therapy device combines six traditional massage techniques, immunomodulators, massage pain, simulated acupuncture, beat massage, foot massage, ear holographic therapy.
For rheumatoid arthritis pain, frozen shoulder, back pain, muscle strain, stroke, paralysis, cervical syndrome, breast Breasts, health treatment and analgesia.


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