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Mini 500mah Solar Charger for iPhone 4 iPod

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1.It can be charged up for 500 times.
2.maximum talk time is 40 minutes.
3.compact and light!just 40g

4.chargeable from AC adapter.

Solar battery: 0.125W

Capacity: 500mA/h.
Output: 5.5V/800mA.
Output ripple: >30mv, the output voltage is stable, it can effectly reduce the loss to battery from charging.
Intellectual protection PCBA: protection for over-charger, over-discharger, overload.
No need extra connectors and output lines, can charger directly.
Material: ABS.
Product Size: 5.7x3.7x1.5cm



1.Set a solar charger in the sun so that it get sun light at right angle.
Once it starts charging,LED light show red.
2.It's charged in 6-10 hours in good condition,outside and under clear sky.
It takes 1.5-2.5 days in winter and 1-1.5 days in summer to fully charge.
3.Open the top and connect it with your Mobile phone.
It takes about 15-25 min to charge a Mobile phone.
4.If you don't have time to charge from the sun,please charge from AC adapter,It takes about 3 hours.



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