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iBasics Ultimate Relief Fever & Hot Flash Reducing Cooling Pillow

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What's cooler than bein' cool? Contrary to what Andre 3000 told us all in "Hey Ya," it's not "ice cold." In fact, this cool pillow is what's cooler than cool. Made with special gel and hollow fibers, it works to keep you cool for up to 2 hours. Ideal for people suffering from maladies such as headaches, sinus pain, hot flashes, fevers, or general overheating, this is a pillow that comforts you when you need comfort the most. And being comfortable is also cooler than bein' cool.

• Made with a gel and polyester fabric face and hollow fiber filling
• Features a plush cotton side and a blue gel side--both sides stay cool!
• Begins working seconds after contact is made and stays cool for up to approximately 2 hours
• Reenergize gel by exposing it to the air; pillow becomes ready for reuse in about 20 mins
• Great for headaches, sinus problems, anyone experiencing hot flashes or fevers, or just sleepin' on a nice cool pillow, maaaannn
• No plugs, batteries, or refrigeration needed
• Fits any standard size pillowcase
• Heavier than a normal pillow due to 200oz of gel beads
• Hand wash or spot clean only; do not put in washing machine
• Comes with a protective carrying case with carrying handle
• Ensure pillow is thoroughly aired before use
• Always use a separate pillowcase and preferably a pillow protector to prevent soiling
• Measures 24" W x 16" L
• Weighs approximately 12.5lbs
• Available in Blue


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