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iBasics Tote Bag with Speaker

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Nothing beats a perfect picnic like your favorite song playing in the background - and with the innovative iBasics Tote Bag with Speaker you can now make your own background music while carrying your favorite afternoon essentials!

  • Power output: 2 X 2W
  • Frequency response: 275HZ-20Khz
  • Audio Jack.
  • Impedance – 4ohms
  • Power Supply : 2 x AA Size Battry
  • Product size: 15(W) x 13(L) x 4.50(D) inches.
  • Tote Bag with main zippered compartment, small zippered compartment, and small zippered compartment for smartphone and small electronics 
  • Main Compartment: 12.5" H x 15 W x 5" D 
  • Small Compartment: 5.25" x 5" x 1" 
  • Small Compartment for Devices: 5.5" x 4.5" x .25" for device 
  • Slide ON/OFF inside of Device compartment 
  • Needs 2-AA Batteries (not included)


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