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Hanging Petunia Mixed Seeds

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Petunias are great to plant anywhere there is sun. Tuck petunias in between evergreen shrubs to brighten the area.  Because they tend to attract lovely moths after dark, many homeowners plant petunias near landscape lighting located near a window or patio where they can enjoy the flowers and their visitors at night.Cascading petunias are ideal for hanging baskets. Whatever the type of petunia chosen, plant 3 seedlings per 10-inch basket. Space seedlings about 10 inches apart in a window box or planter.

Planting Instructions:

Spread a 2- or 3-inch layer of some organic material to mulch the soil around petunia plants. Use chopped leaves, dried grass clippings, wood chips or shredded bark products. Organic mulch suppresses weeds, keeps the soil cool and moist by blocking evaporation from its surface and improves its texture as it gradually decomposes.

Remove the spent flowers from petunias in containers as they fade. By midsummer when the plants begin to get leggy and the spindly, stems produce fewer and smaller flowers. Cut each stem back by half to revitalize the petunia plant. After a pause, they will resume flowering with gusto.



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