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21 cm Creative bracelet cables for android phones

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Model: the bracelet magnetic data line
Interface types: Micro USB
Applicable models: suitable for interface for Micro USB interface of mobile phones, MP3, MP4 and other digital products
Color: grey, white, blue, red, and green
Length: 21 cm
Weight: 25 g
Material: ABS/PVC
Functions: data transfer/charge
The standard usb line, power supply, signal stability, transmission speed is fast.
Wire core is made of high quality tin oxygen free copper conductor material: 28 awg wire.
Gold plated connectors provide excellent electrical conductivity, high speed data transmission is fast and accurate. Provide up to 480 MBPS super fast data transfer rate.
Solid welding by anti sway test more than 3000 times.
Outside is 70 P super soft avirulent environmental protection rubber (P number, the higher the wire more soft, wear-resisting bending lengthen service


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