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20 pcs Colorful Cat Nails


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Give your cat the ultimate pampering with these colorful cat nails! Slip them on easily and add some vibrant personality to your pet! Not only are they a cute accessory for your cat, but the nails also prevent your cat from scratching and clawing up on furniture, curtains, etc. 


  • Non-Toxic
  • Can be used on dogs as well
  • Soft, Comfortable, Non-Invasive
  • Material: rubber / silicone
  • Size (approximately):

XS fit: 0.5 kg-2.5 kg, width: 0.5 cm, length: 0.9 cm
S fit: 2.5 kg-5.0 kg, width: 0.6 cm, length: 1.2 cm
M fit: 5.0 kg-7.5 kg, width: 0.7 cm, length: 1.2 cm
L fit: 7.5 kg-10 kg, width: 0.8 cm, length: 1.2 cm
XL fit: 10 kg-15 kg, width: 0.9 cm, length: 1.2 cm
XXL fit: 15 kg-25 kg, width: 1.1 cm ~ 1.2 cm, length: 1.7 cm


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