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2 Pack: Extreme Fit Adjustable Patella Tendon Straps

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Extreme Fit Patella Tendon Strap is a unique knee strap support that is great for many different knee injuries, like Jumper's Knee. The Patella Strap provides patella tendonitis support and is ideal for the recovery of patellofemoral arthritis.


Tendonitis in the knee cap is also known as jumper’s knee which is a common sports injury that results from repetitive jumping that causes knee strain. The injury is on the front of the patella and the pain tends to increase overtime as the tendon becomes more and more irritated.

  • Pain after using the knee in sports or other activities.
  • As the pain increases it will be evident during and after active movement that worsens with time.
  • Without a proper patella tendonitis strap the tendon could eventually completely tear and need patella tendonitis surgery.
  • Provides support & compression
  • Relieves knee discomfort
  • Helps improve tracking & elevation
  • Loop lock design allows controlled and flexible movement while eliminating glide and twisting to help in knee protection and mobilization
  • Evenly distributes movement over the joint to help prevent jumpers knee, patella alta and femoral patella
  • Fits most men and women, right or left knee
  • Machine Washable. Air Dry.


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